Wednesday, January 2, 2013


tired of the pain you feel so you take another little pill
tired of laying on your back while they whispers lies in your ear.
tired of fucking and acting fine playing like you dont care
tired of the bitchin and naggin , push one more time and see what happens
beggin for a pill, a shot a hit. beggin to not feel shit.
why not? who cares no one is given a shit about your tears
your my fucking trigger , use me one more time . one more fuck
come on tell me you love me tell me you want me dont you love it
cold shakes feel like there needles ,head feels numb
try to stay sober with that shit
fucking dick sick. upper to get by a downer to sleep at night
am i perfect yet, do you want me yet, can you love me yet?
na just get to bed, ill wake up in the morning and you wont be there